The House the Board Built

It is considered strong governance when a non-profit's board of directors are engaged in the fundraising and financial stewardship of the mission.  For the past 30 years, our board of directors has maintained a 100% giving policy, which means that each year our board members are charged with giving a meaningful financial gift. To kick start 2022, our board of directors is committed to raising $100,000 towards the sponsorship of a single-family home. This is exciting news and hope that you will support the board in this goal.  Click here to make a donation!   

2021 Board of Directors
Bildade Augustin, President
Crystal Floyd, Vice-President
Ellen Below, Treasurer
Anne Hamilton, Secretary

Donald Bates
Monica Blanco
Jesse Carabase
Sharon Cheeks
Abhist Dwivedi
Jennifer Guidry
Steven Hernandez
David Symonette